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Affordable Patio Doors & Hardware

Let the team at Affordable Home Improvements Inc. in Staten Island, New York, provide you with the best patio doors and door hardware products in the market. Our company has been working for the community ever since its inception.

Patio Doors - Door Hardware

Update your home with custom made solid vinyl patio doors. Choose from a variety of glass options, deluxe hardware and custom colors. Two tone colors are also available. Brass or White Grid Options in several different styles...

Discover a new, innovative home improvement. We carry mini blinds that are placed in between your patio doors and windows. They are sealed so you never have to worry about replacement, cleaning or replacing. Tilt Only, or Lift & Tilt!!!

Patio Door Features
Patio Doors-Staten Island, NY-Affordable Home Improvements Inc.
  • Monorail Track Design
  • Anti-Racking System
  • Hanging Screen with Wedging Interlock
  • Fully-Welded Construction
  • Dual-Grappling Hook Lock for Increased Security
  • Recessed Security Bolt
  • Grooved Aluminum Walking Plate
  • Full one inch tempered Insulating Glass with PPG Warm Edge Technology
  • Multipoint Key Lock
  • 5', 6', and up to 12' Configurations
  • Tested to AAMA's Strict Standards
  • NFRC® Tested
  • White, Almond, Brown & White two tone Interiors
  • Pet resistant fiberglass insect screen, great for Dogs & Cats

Door Locks - Door Hardware

Patio Door Options
  • Elegant Brass Door Handle
  • Multi-Point Lock with Key
  • Natural Wood Grain Paintable & Stainable Interior
  • Earth-Tone Color & Two-Tone Colors
  • Custom-Shaped Accent Windows
  • Triple Insulating Glass
  • Blinds "Tilt & Lift” in between the Glass
  • Wood & Pre-Stained Interior
  • Molding
  • Decorative Grid Designs
  • Custom Sizes
  • French-Style Patio Door